What you should know

Listed below are some important items to be conscious of while we are working with you.


  1. Please feel free to speak with the superintendent on the job with regard to questions or problems.
  2. Please call the office if you have any unresolved issues. (972) 298-7651
  3. Feel free to call me (Dean Ferrell). (214) 244-4742


During the job process we will need the use of your driveway / parking area in order to deliver material as well as utilizing our trailers or trucks for trash removal. Being able to get equipment and material as close to the house or business as possible helps to speed up the time required to do the work.

Wiring and Air Conditioning Lines:

Air conditioning lines, security, telephone and electrical lines should not be installed directly below the roof deck. The customer is responsible for notifying us if this situation exists. We cannot be responsible for any damage to or puncturing of improperly installed lines. All such installations (lines) should be at least 3 inches away from the rook deck.

Acoustic, Mirrors, Pictures, Light Fixtures, Landscaping (Trees & Shrubs)

When existing roofs are removed, there is a potential for:

  • Siding, paint peeling
  • Stucco & simulated stucco can chip, crack or pull away.  We cannot take responsibility for these items.
  • If brickwork at chimneys & half gables is old or inferior, we can properly re-flash but cannot guarantee existing brick or its installation from leaking.
  •  Debris falling through your lath or decking into the attic.  It would be good cover or remove any items that would require protection.

Roof Removal:

In the process of removing and installing a new roof system:

  • Some cracks or crows feet and exposed nails (sheetrock) will sometimes appear. Also, small particles of the acoustical may flake off.
  • Mirrors, pictures and light fixtures can fall if not properly secured to walls and ceilings. We cannot take responsibility for these items if damaged during the roofing process.
  • It is always good to keep low hanging branches and shrubs off the roof area. If you have this situation, we highly recommend having them trimmed by a professional before we begin the roofing job.

Roof Installation:

According to manufacturer’s specification.

Antennas, Satellite Dishes and Solar Panels:

We can remove such items from the roof, but we cannot be responsible for damage or reinstallation.

Trash and Debris Removal:

We will do a thorough cleanup of the exterior of the premises, which includes running a magnet to pick up nails.

Left Over Materials:

On many occasions, we may have extra material delivered to insure completion of the job.  Any left over material remains the property of Ferrell Roofing, LLC.  If we underestimate, it is not the problem of the homeowner nor if we overestimate.

We realize that every job is different, many specifics can only be listed on a job by job basis.  We are always happy to comply and list these specifics in our proposal so that we all have our agreement in place.

Thank You!

Dean Ferrell Roofing, LLC

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