Ferrell Roofing, LLC agrees ( upon full payment due us) to Provide “no charge and material service in the event of a roof leak(s) occurrence” as a direct result of our workmanship and materials applied to our re-roof or repair project.

This service is for a period of (2) years for a re-roof or 6 months for a repair and is at the expense of Ferrell Roofing, LLC.  Ferrell Roofing, LLC service is a full value/no dollar limit (NDL) policy with no co-payment, deductible and service is non-prorated.

This guarantee relates to the Roof-System installed or repaired by us per clients contract.  Our service is only applicable to our workmanship and materials and ordinary wear and tear of the roof.


Unless specifically noted or discussed in the Ferrell/Client Contract, no interior damage liability is given, implied or suggested at any time throughout the installation or guarantee period.


Client is responsible to immediately have the related specialist insure that all drains, drain lines, gutters and down spouts are free and clear of debris whether old or new. Also antennas, satellite dishes and solar panels can be removed by us from the roof, but we cannot be responsible for damage and reinstallation. Roofing occurs normally once every 10-20 years and this work in mandatory to avoid “roof” leaks.  Additionally, regular inspection & cleaning of same (depending on roof traffic and surrounding trees / traffic that should get debris onto roof) is clients responsibility.  The “additional Terms and conditions” on the Ferrell/Client Contract are also part of the above conditions.


In the event that Ferrell Roofing, LLC is called out for a leak service and the leak is unrelated to our workmanship or materials applied, there will be a fee charged for the exact cost of our specialist’s time in making the investigation. This is due to the considerable number of calls that actually are unrelated to the Roof System application. These “other” items such as the above, plus skylights, conduits, a/c duct work, filter racks, stucco/siding cracks, waterproofing, etc. are the normal responsibility of any property owner as regular home or building maintenance.

* Guarantee is voided if mechanics other than those with Ferrell Roofing, LLC affect the roof in a harmful way.

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