Want to reduce your heating & cooling costs and save money on taxes & utilities? Start by checking your insulation.

Cost savings

Below is a chart showing EPA esimates on the savings you can experience by improving your insulation.


Ferrell Roofing can help Bring Home Savings & Comfort Today with Owens Corning’s AttiCat® System

Why Ventilate and Insulate? Trapped heat and moisture in the attic can severely jeopardize the energy efficiency of a home. The combination of insulation and a ventilation system helps to keep excessive household moisture and heat out. As a result, the proper conditions and temperature are better maintained throughout the year. An under-insulated home means you’re paying higher heating and cooling bills. Ventilate and Insulate today and stop throwing money away.

Why Now? It’s easy – by ventilating and insulating now with the trusted Owens Corning brand of products, you can save the following ways:

  1. Receive a tax credit of 30% on the cost of qualified materials through the American Reinvestment Recovery Act of 2009, up to a maximum of $1500.
  2. Reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs by up to 20%.
  3. State and local utility rebates available for energy efficiency home improvements.

Insulate Now. Save Money and energy and help save the planet.

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