It can be hard to find a qualified roofer, but trust me, there is usually one or two in every city or town. You simply need to look in the right place. Ferrell Roofing offers this service.

Let’s solve the roof leak problem first. The vast majority of roof leaks can usually be found where things pop up through a roof. Skylights, plumbing vent pipes, heating vent pipes, chimneys, second story sidewalls, etc. can all abut or penetrate a roof. These non-roof items are connected to roof materials by using flashings. Flashings are simply transitional roofing materials. They can be made from tin, copper, aluminum, lead or even modified asphalt materials. Many times skylight flashings are the source of your trouble.
Many skylights that are sold require a roofer to fabricate some of the flashings while he is up on the roof. This process requires experience and attention to detail. Not all roofers are qualified to do this.

If you are enlarging the skylight opening by making it longer, then the modifications to the roof structure will probably be very minor. Major structural changes are necessary when you decide to widen a skylight opening. In these instances extra full sized rafters need to be added on either side of the skylight opening. These extra framing members help carry the roof load that used to be supported by the rafters that were cut to make the new opening wider than it is now.

Finding a reliable, competent, and skilled roofer that can do all of the work will take some time but it is by no means impossible. If you understand some of the basic principles by which these people work, the task is not as mystical as it may seem. Quality contractors are proud of their work. They want it to be perfect or nearly so and they do not want any call-back or warranty problems. To achieve trouble free results they know that high quality materials are an integral part of each project. Real professionals know that problems are public relations nightmares and drain profits.

Ferrell Roofing is always happy to investigate your leak problem and our goal is to solve the leak. We also have access to quality made standard and custom made skylights to satisfy your needs when the existing skylight itself has failed.

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